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Karen Yvette Reid has performed on multiple stages from the Southeast, to the Midwestern region of the United States. She enjoys watching thriller and suspense films, although she does not like paying to be scared. She is also an avid reader of The Classics, playing The Sims, and giving commentary during every movie/tv show she watches.  Karen has recently had gastric bypass and is currently 54 lbs. down! Follow her weight loss journey on her new YouTube channel, ReidMore.                    

She holds an A.A. degree in Theatre Performance from Broward College, and a B.F.A. degree in Musical Theatre from the University of Central Florida. Since then, she has performed in various cabarets, productions, and has even had a hand in vocal coaching.  Several of her students placed in competitions and talent shows.  It was in college that Karen learned of her potential for growth and what it means to be a professional, something she holds close, and utilizes in her everyday work ethic. Some of her most memorable roles include: Mrs. Potts (Beauty and the Beast), Aunt Edith (Charlotte's Web), Ms. Edna/Lily (Locomotion), Sarah's Friend (Ragtime), Alice (Big River), Roz Keith (9to5: The Musical), and Zawadi in Festival of the Lion King (FL).          

When Karen was 17 y/o, she came up with this inspirational quote for her life goals:

"Knowing where you want to go is half the battle, getting there is just another check off the list!"

It was her father, Troy Reid III, that made her understand how short and important life can be,  His words being: 

"We are stuck in a PlayStation mentality. But in real life, there is no reset button.

Karen Yvette Reid was born and raised in South Florida. At the age of 6, she began taking singing lessons with Jammin' Kids International Music Academy. When Karen started middle school, she really began to discover her love and passion for performing. She got her start in theatre as the Curtain Puller for Tequesta Trace Middle School's production of Dear Edwina Jr., and went on to compete and "proudly represent, Troupe 6510 with Cypress Bay High School. Karen has performed  in venues such as The Hard Rock Casino, East Las Olas Riverfront, and several establishments throughout Broward and Dade County. She's been a "Special Guest Artist," for many local school programs, concerts, weddings, county fairs, and for the City of Weston Commerce. 

Inspirational Quotes

Strength and Honor

Karen Yvette Reid at just 12 months.

A Trip Down Memory Lane...

Sisters, Sisters! Karen (right), Andrea (middle), and Tramaine (left). 

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As a 4y/o, KYR liked to perform at family parties.

Didn't everyone take pictures like this?